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A30 Temple to
Higher Carblake
improvement scheme

2016-05-31 - A30 Temple Scheme - map only (2)

Scheme Overview

The current single carriageway of the A30 between Temple and Higher Carblake is the only section of single carriageway between leaving Scotland and reaching Temple. This 4.5km section of road is being improved to dual carriageway standard for the entire length which will negate regular traffic congestion in the area.


Link to Cornwall Council video release 22.03.16

Work started in June 2015 and is due for completion Spring 2017.

We are dualling the single carriageway on the A30 between Temple and Higher Carblake, just east of Bodmin. The length of road involved is 2.8 miles (4.5km). Three busy road junctions will be replaced by three overbridges; one bridge at either end at Cardinham and Temple junctions and one relatively centre at Preeze Cross/Four Winds. The dual carriageway is being constructed literally alongside the existing road and traffic management is a key element of the project.

Impact on Your Journey

Regular users of the road will know that there has always been considerable congestion on Fridays through to Mondays, Bank Holidays and of course during the summer holiday period for the past decade. However this should all change when the works are completed.

There is a strictly enforced 40 mph average speed restriction throughout the works as a result of the narrow lanes and for the safety of all road users. It may be interesting to note that the speed restriction should only add a few minutes to your total journey time.


Benefits of the scheme

The scheme will relieve congestion and improve journey times – it will also attract business growth and inward investment to Cornwall by improving links with the rest of England. The new dual carriageway will also be much safer than the single carriageway as a result of the three overbridges.

There will also be job opportunities for local individuals and businesses for the duration of the scheme.

Who are Kier?

We invest in, build, maintain and renew the places where people live, work and play. Kier is all around us… from engineering the tunnels and bridges that transform cities… to keeping the lights shining in our streets… to building award winning homes, schools and hospitals… to keeping our water, rail and highways running smoothly.

Our job is to keep our world working.

We are currently working on our new ‘A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Newsletter.  Meanwhile the April Newsletter 2016 is attached for your perusal.



A30 Junctions


Summer Period – Q&A’s

Three-lane Running

Q – How can you avoid possible delays at Temple?

A – Whether you are visiting or leaving Cornwall there are a number of steps you can take to avoid delays. Firstly and simply please try and plan your journey to avoid peak periods. It is appreciated this is not always possible but it will enable you to avoid the frustration of sitting in heavy traffic. Planning a different route altogether should be considered prior to starting out on your journey (such as A30 westbound, or A39/A395 eastbound).  But please, please do not use your SatNav if you are in the vicinity of the works.  It is almost impossible to cross Bodmin Moor without travelling along unsuitable narrow lanes with no passing places and no access back onto the A30; you will probably end up at the back of the queue you tried to avoid!

Q – When are the peak periods?

A – Westbound A30 – Fridays between 12noon and 6pm and Saturdays from 8am until 4pm. Eastbound A30 – Fridays 10am to 4pm; Saturdays and Sundays 10.am to 4pm – Monday mornings can also be busy during the height of the summer season.  See below for information concerning the two lanes operational eastbound during the peak summer period.

Q – Where can I find traffic information easily?

A – With the use of mobile devices (not whilst driving!) it is possible to get up to the minute traffic news on www.mydrive.tomtom.com/en_gb/ or www.trafficengland.com You can also check out local traffic reports, on Twitter @HighwaysSWEST @DC_Police @BBCTravelSW or the BBC Cornwall website www.bbc.co.uk/travel/cornwall/incidents/road

Q – Why are you implementing three-lane working for the summer period?

A – To help alleviate some of the expected congestion during the busy summer period from Friday 22 July until Sunday 4 September two lanes are planned for eastbound traffic (out of Cornwall) and a single lane running westbound (into Cornwall). This improvement will help ease congestion for eastbound traffic which historically suffers the worst delays as a result of checkout times at holiday destinations.

Q – What about westbound A30 traffic, won’t that suffer delays as well?

A – Visitors to Cornwall have far greater choices to adjust their timing and or route according to any delays foreseen. Drivers will be better informed as a result of electronic variable message signs (VMS) for drivers travelling down the M5 west into Cornwall.   Mobile VMS signing will also be available on the A30 prior to Temple advising drivers of any delays, allowing drivers to take alternative routes if appropriate.

Q – What about traffic restrictions as a result of the 3 lane working?

A – There will be restrictions imposed as a result of the temporary 3 lane working. Safety is paramount for both the road user and the workforce. As the three-lane working will be a new innovation to the current single lane working a total ‘No Right Turn’ ban will be imposed throughout the duration of the six week scheme.  This will mean a ban on right-turns on all side roads into or out of the respective junction.  Diversion routes for all junctions are well signed.  The rationale behind the decision is that it is deemed unsafe to wait in the two lane section to turn right and likewise to cross two lanes of moving traffic if turning across eastbound traffic.

Q – Are left turns going to be allowed?

A – Yes. Left-turns into and out will be allowed at all junctions that are currently open.

Q – What about lorries travelling east through the roadworks?

A – Lorries will be confined to the inside lane (lane 1) whilst cars and light vans can use either lane. This is for road safety purposes.

Q – Will the 40mph speed limit still apply?

A – Most certainly the 40mph speed limit will continue to be enforced with the use of average speed monitoring cameras. Please remember enforcement of the speed limit is not just from the beginning to the end of the roadworks, it can be between two sets of cameras.

Q – Why have there been so many prosecutions for speed violations?

A – The advice from the Peninsular Road Safety Partnership who run the traffic scheme is that, to avoid getting caught the most important fact to remember is that the moment you pass the first large 40mph signs the speed limit becomes enforceable and remains so throughout the entire length of the roadworks – The speed limit is enforced irrespective of the number of lanes, road classification, traffic flow, visible workforce, day of the week, time of day or weather conditions.

Q – What is the next phase of construction following the three-lane working?

A – Following the three-lane working the road layout will revert to the contraflow working we had just prior to the change for summer. This will enable major carriageway and bridge works to continue and to construct the link roads to the three new bridges.   

Q – When will the bridges be open?

A – With a fair weather scenario we should see Preeze Cross Bridge completed and open to traffic by the end of the year. Cardinham and Temple Tor Bridges should be completed by early next year 2017.             

Q – When will the dual carriageway be in full operation?

A – The dual carriageway should be fully operational from March 2017; of course this is again subject to the vagaries of the weather throughout the winter period.


2016WhereBear 12016WhereBear

Where’s the Bear 2016

Following on from the success of the 2014 Where’s the Bear Challenge which raised and incredible £32,000 for the Kier Foundation.

In this Olympic year we aim to beat that record. The team have challenged themselves to travel over 1,000 miles across the UK taking in all of Kier’s sites throughout the country whilst transporting the Kier mascot bear in non-motorised transport.

Each site is aiming to raise £500 in sponsorship and donations which will then be distributed to local and national charitable causes, community projects and Kier’s charitable partner.

Please click on the  “Where’s the Bear” Banner or click here to follow the link and make your worthwhile donation for this fabulous cause. Please let us know that your donation has come from the Kier’s “A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Road Improvement Scheme”

Thank you very much for all your donations

Construction Updates

  • 30th August 2016

    A30 – Speed enforcement at Temple Roadworks

    A timely reminder from the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership

    Current figures, regarding traffic travelling through the Temple roadworks, show that high end speeds are reducing. In May, the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership (PRSP) released figures showing that in the previous nine months, 155 vehicles had been captured travelling at 70mph and over with a top captured speed of 91mph.

    In the last four months from 1st May 2016 to date, 12 vehicles have been caught driving at 70mph and over with a top captured speed of 82mph.

    Natalie Hatswell, Communications Manager for the PRSP, said “Whilst these figures represent only a miniscule percentage of the massive traffic flow through these works, we are disappointed to find that we are still catching motorists speeding given the high level of signage throughout the scheme.

    We would remind all road users that the speed limit becomes enforceable the moment you pass the first large 40mph sign and remains so throughout the length of the roadworks – irrespective of any other factors.”

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  • 25th August 2016

    Kier Travel Update – 25 August 2016

    Advance Notice: A30 – Overnight Road Closures from Sunday 4th September until Sunday 11th September 2016 (inclusive)

    As a part of the ongoing works a programme of eight consecutive overnight road closures will commence from Sunday 4th September until Sunday 11th September 2016 inclusive

    Each overnight closure will commence from 8.00pm until 6.00am the following morning

    Side roads will be closed from 7.00pm to ensure full closure of the A30 by 8.00pm

    The overnight closures will enable the new single lane traffic management scheme to be introduced following the summer three-lane running. It will also enable essential bridge works to be completed.

    Please note: As a result of the new single lane working (one lane running in either direction) from Monday 5th September all right-turn prohibitions will be removed.

    Diversion: The standard black vertical ‘diamond’ diversion route will be put into operation for all A30 through traffic.

    Eastbound A30 traffic – will be diverted off the A30 at Highgate Hill roundabout junction A39 – A30 through traffic will use the A39 to Wadebridge/Camelford to the A395 for Kennard’s House. Traffic requiring locations east of Highgate Hill including Bodmin and the A38 will be able to rejoin the A30 eastbound as far as Carminow Cross, Bodmin.

    Westbound A30 traffic – will be diverted off the A30 at Kennards House roundabout – all A30 through traffic will be directed onto the A395 returning to the A30 via Bodmin (A389) or Highgate Hill (A39). Local traffic will be able to rejoin the A30 westbound at Kennards House roundabout for all locations as far west as Temple (using old road).

    Total closure of the A30 eastbound will be located at Carminow Cross (Bodmin off-slip) allowing drivers to use the A38 or for local traffic requiring alternative routes to villages surrounding Bodmin. Local westbound A30 traffic will be curtailed at Hawks Tor.

    Residents living alongside the A30 (whose only access is via the A30) will receive separate instructions to enable them to leave or return to their properties. Please note this facility is only available for those residents.

    Kier would like to apologise for any inconvenience during these essential closures. If Iurther clarification is required please contact Kier’s Public Liaison Officer, Mick Martin via email michael.martin@kier.co.uk


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  • 28th July 2016

    Kier Travel Update – 28 July 2016




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We value your feedback.

“To assist local residents, Kier have opened a ‘Help Desk’ to discuss any clarification on the scheme. Please call our Help Desk number, leave a message, name and email address and we will endeavour to respond quickly. Alternatively, please contact us via email; we welcome all comments.”

Help Desk: 07779 439637

Email: a30bodmin@kier.co.uk