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A30 Temple to
Higher Carblake
improvement scheme

2016-05-31 - A30 Temple Scheme - map only (2)

Scheme Overview

The current single carriageway of the A30 between Temple and Higher Carblake is the only section of single carriageway between leaving Scotland and reaching Temple. This 4.5km section of road is being improved to dual carriageway standard for the entire length which will negate regular traffic congestion in the area.


Link to Cornwall Council video release 22.03.16

Work started in June 2015 and is due for completion Spring 2017.

We are dualling the single carriageway on the A30 between Temple and Higher Carblake, just east of Bodmin. The length of road involved is 2.8 miles (4.5km). Three busy road junctions will be replaced by three overbridges; one bridge at either end at Cardinham and Temple junctions and one relatively centre at Preeze Cross/Four Winds. The dual carriageway is being constructed literally alongside the existing road and traffic management is a key element of the project.

Impact on Your Journey

Regular users of the road will know that there has always been considerable congestion on Fridays through to Mondays, Bank Holidays and of course during the summer holiday period for the past decade. However this should all change when the works are completed.

There is a strictly enforced 40 mph average speed restriction throughout the works as a result of the narrow lanes and for the safety of all road users. It may be interesting to note that the speed restriction should only add a few minutes to your total journey time.


Benefits of the scheme

The scheme will relieve congestion and improve journey times – it will also attract business growth and inward investment to Cornwall by improving links with the rest of England. The new dual carriageway will also be much safer than the single carriageway as a result of the three overbridges.

There will also be job opportunities for local individuals and businesses for the duration of the scheme.

Who are Kier?

We invest in, build, maintain and renew the places where people live, work and play. Kier is all around us… from engineering the tunnels and bridges that transform cities… to keeping the lights shining in our streets… to building award winning homes, schools and hospitals… to keeping our water, rail and highways running smoothly.

Our job is to keep our world working.

We are currently working on our new ‘A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Newsletter.  Meanwhile the April Newsletter 2016 is attached for your perusal.



A30 Junctions


ADVANCE WARNING – A30 ROAD CLOSURES:  Please note there are overnight closures planned for the 22nd, 29th and 30th October and the 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th November.  Further details below in updates.   

For CONSTRUCTION / TRAVEL UPDATES please scroll down home page (click on ‘read article’ – click arrows on side of report to view previous articles)  



2016WhereBear 12016WhereBear

Where’s the Bear 2016

Following on from the success of the 2014 Where’s the Bear Challenge which raised and incredible £32,000 for the Kier Foundation.

In this Olympic year we aim to beat that record. The team have challenged themselves to travel over 1,000 miles across the UK taking in all of Kier’s sites throughout the country whilst transporting the Kier mascot bear in non-motorised transport.

Each site is aiming to raise £500 in sponsorship and donations which will then be distributed to local and national charitable causes, community projects and Kier’s charitable partner.

Please click on the  “Where’s the Bear” Banner or click here to follow the link and make your worthwhile donation for this fabulous cause. Please let us know that your donation has come from the Kier’s “A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Road Improvement Scheme”

Thank you very much for all your donations

Construction Updates

  • 21st October 2016

    Kier Travel Update – 21 October 2016

     A30 – Advance Warning of ‘No Right-turn’ at Temple Fishery layby

    Pease be advised of the restrictions for right turning traffic at Temple Fishery layby junction; this includes right-turns into the layby for eastbound A30 traffic and left and right-turns out of the layby onto the A30.

    The ‘No Right-Turn’ prohibition will be introduced following a new traffic management scheme being implemented overnight on Sunday 23rd October 2016 ready for Monday 24th October. The prohibition will remain until all works are completed by end of March 2017.

    The change of lanes will enable essential works to be carried out for drainage and carriageway work for the new westbound carriageway. The new contraflow will mean east and westbound A30 traffic transferring over to the recently completed eastbound carriageway. The current westbound will be totally closed for all traffic. Right-turns will therefore not be available at Temple Fishery junction.

    The advisory diversion routes for local residents or visitors will be as follows.

    A30 – travelling east requiring right-turn at Temple Fishery layby – continue east on A30 towards Launceston following diversion signs – leave A30 at Bolventor and return westbound – take left turn at the rock cutting on the A30 just after Colliford Lake junction.

    A30 – requiring left or right-turn out of Temple Fishery layby junction – all drivers will be required to take the unclassified lane east out of Temple village leading to the Brockabarrow rock cutting – travel west on A30 and continue for Bodmin; or for eastbound A30 travel the short distance to Hawks Tor Gap and return east on the A30 towards Launceston.

    Kier apologise for any inconvenience this closure and diversion may cause. If you have any queries then please contact Kier answerphone service via email on a30bodmin@kier.co.uk or telephone 07779 439 637

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  • 19th October 2016

    Kier News Update – 19 October 2016

    Cancellation of one of the monthly ‘Drop-In’ sessions

    Although we have been running our regular ‘Drop-In’ sessions at Bodmin Airfield, Cardinham there has been a distinct downturn in visitor numbers to the two regular monthly sessions held at Bodmin Airfield, Cardinham.

    As a result from November we will revert to a single session on the second Thursday of each month (unless otherwise notified). The next session on Thursday 27th October is not affected.

    The first monthly session will commence on Thursday 10th November from 10.00am until 1.00pm

    Primarily it is appreciated that residents now prefer to send their enquiry or comment via email or telephone for an immediate response to an enquiry.

    For any enquiry or comment please contact a30bodmin@kier.co.uk via email or telephone our answerphone service on 07779 439 637.

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  • 14th October 2016

    Kier Travel / Works Update – 14 October 2016

     A30 Advance Warning of Overnight Road Closures

    Please be advised that as part of ongoing bridge deck works and traffic management alterations there will be full overnight road closures on the following nights.

    Saturday 22nd October:  

    *Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October:                                                            

    Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November:                                                          

    Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November: and                                            

    Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November

    All closures will operate between 8.00pm until 6am the following morning.

    * Please note the closure on Saturday 29th October will start at 9.30pm

    Diversion Routes: The standard solid black vertical ‘diamond’ diversion route will be put into operation for all A30 through traffic. To avoid confusion only follow the ‘black diamond’ symbol for A30 diversions.

    Please be aware of the current major roadworks in Bodmin town centre –            the previous diversion route through Bodmin is no longer available.

    Eastbound A30 – all traffic will be diverted off the A30 at Highgate Hill/A39 junction with A30: through traffic will use the A39 to Wadebridge, Camelford to the A395 for Kennard’s House – A30. Traffic requiring locations east of Highgate Hill including Bodmin and the A38 for Plymouth will be able to rejoin the A30 eastbound as far as Carminow Cross, Bodmin.

    A total closure of the A30 eastbound will be located at Carminow Cross (Bodmin off-slip) allowing drivers to use the A38 or for local traffic requiring alternative routes to villages surrounding Bodmin.

    Westbound A30 – all traffic will be diverted off the A30 at Kennards House roundabout – A30 through traffic to use the A395 to Camelford and A39 to Wadebridge returning to the A30 at Highgate Hill. Traffic requiring Bodmin town should follow local diversion routes as a result of the town centre closures. Local A30 westbound traffic requiring access to local businesses or moorland villages can still use the A30 as far as Hawks Tor, Temple.

    Please Note: All side roads can be closed from 7.00pm to ensure a full closure of the A30 by 8.00pm.

    This includes the A30 westbound traffic at Kennards House (for the A395) where traffic will be diverted off the A30 from 7.00pm to allow any through traffic to clear the full closure at Hawks Tor, Temple.

    Local access via the A30 westbound on-slip at Kennards House roundabout will still be available as far as Temple village and Colliford Lake. Through traffic can still continue to use the A30 until the full closure at 8.00pm is implemented at Hawks Tor, Temple.

    Note: For all A30 diversions please only follow the direction signs that use a solid black vertical diamond symbol

    Special arrangements are in hand for residents immediately adjacent to the A30 who require access during the closure period. An entry/exit pass with accompanying letter will be delivered in due course.

    Kier would like to apologise for any inconvenience during these essential closures.  If further clarification is required then please contact Kier’s Public Liaison Officer,   Mick Martin via email michael.martin@kier.co.uk

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We value your feedback.

“To assist local residents, Kier have opened a ‘Help Desk’ to discuss any clarification on the scheme. Please call our Help Desk number, leave a message, name and email address and we will endeavour to respond quickly. Alternatively, please contact us via email; we welcome all comments.”

Help Desk: 07779 439637

Email: a30bodmin@kier.co.uk