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A30 Temple to
Higher Carblake
improvement scheme


From the outset of this project environmental management has been a priority. The site has the expertise of a full time environmental manager who works in collaboration with Cornwall Council and representatives from the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Extensive surveys were carried out to monitor the moorland wildlife such as badgers, dormice, bats and otters. Works have been planned around the wildlife to minimise disruption.to their habitat.

Ongoing testing ensures the unique quality of the moorland water is retained; it is constantly monitored by our own and independent sources. A large multi species culvert will be built which will offer a safe haven for wildlife to cross under the newly build A30 from one side of the moorland to the other.

The road was designed around minimising land take and at the same time minimising the area of new carriageway required with a view to help reducing our carbon footprint.

For Kier, good environmental stewardship is paramount; it was part of the scheme from the outset. Kier recognise that a successful scheme for the benefit of Cornwall will also be measured on the quality of our environmental management.


We value your feedback.

“To assist local residents, Kier have opened a ‘Help Desk’ to discuss any clarification on the scheme. Please call our Help Desk number, leave a message, name and email address and we will endeavour to respond quickly. Alternatively, please contact us via email; we welcome all comments.”

Help Desk: 07779 439637

Email: a30bodmin@kier.co.uk