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Construction Updates

Kier Travel and Works Update – 3 February 2017

A30 – New contraflow between Helland junction and Pounds Conce

When the new contraflow system is implemented from Saturday 11th February between Helland junction and Pounds Conce please note the following road junction changes which may affect some drivers.

If required please refer to the junction identification plan which is available via a link on the ‘Home’ page of this site.  

Helland junction – the left-turn from the A30 for eastbound traffic (for Helland and Blisland) will reopen; however the left-turn onto the A30 eastbound will remain closed as a result of safety regulations involving the new contraflow.

Lidcutt Road junction – Cardinham Downs (A30 south-side) will continue to be open for left-turn A30 westbound traffic only. Lidcutt Road will also be accessible for left-turns when Airfield Road is closed temporarily.

Trewardale – junction with the A30 (Junc. 1 on plan) for Blisland and the St Breward area will remain closed for all traffic in and out of junction.

Airfield Road – junction with the A30 (Junc. 2) will remain only accessible for A30 westbound traffic (travelling towards Bodmin). Following the contraflow change a left-turn will be available via a ‘new’ temporary crossing at Cardinham Gap.

To coincide with the new contraflow from Monday 13 February the Airfield Road junction will be closed to all traffic for approximately three weeks. This will enable carriageway works to be completed at the junction. Access for westbound A30 traffic requiring Airfield Road or the Cardinham, Mount area will be available via Cardinham Gap continuing on the westbound carriageway taking the first left-turn into Lidcutt Road returning to Airfield Road and Cardinham. The short diversion will be signed.

Please note: As a result of traffic regulations and safety considerations within a contraflow system ‘Right-turns’ and ‘U’ turns’ will be prohibited at Cardinham Gap for all A30 traffic.

The ‘Right-turn’ prohibition from Airfield Road onto the A30 will remain. There will be no access onto the A30 from Airfield Road for left-turns until all carriageway works at the junction have been completed.

When the A30 junction works are complete Airfield Road will reopen for westbound A30 traffic only; traffic from Airfield Road will be able to turn-left onto the westbound carriageway merging at Helland junction.  

Higher Carblake (private access lane) (Junc. 3) access will remain for left and right-turns into and out of the junction (may be reviewed).

Four Winds – junction with the A30 (Junc. 4 north-side only) will remain open for left and right turning traffic into and out of the new junction layout.

Higher Colvannick (private access lane) (Junc. 5) access will remain for left and right-turns into and out of the junction (may be reviewed).

Pound Conce (private access lane) (Junc. 6) access will remain for left and right-turns into and out of the junction (may be reviewed).

Trethorne Lane – junction with A30 (Junc. 7) access will remain for left and right-turns into and out of the junction (may be reviewed).

Any queries please contact the Kier 24hr answerphone on 07779 439 637 or our dedicated email a30bodmin@kier.co.uk


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